Project overview

The Blandford Road battery storage site is one of the newest large-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) projects in Dorset.

The battery storage site in Poole enables energy to be stored within its four 33kV battery storage modules and released to the local electricity network when homes and businesses need it most.

Developed by our partner Noriker Power and Equinor, the site’s four modules contain 147 battery racks that have a total capacity of 25MW. Noriker explains this is the equivalent of supplying 75,000 UK homes for two hours.

The battery storage facility will charge overnight and the electricity can be released as needed during the day to boost the network when demand is highest.

Battery energy storage systems will play an essential role in helping the UK achieve its net zero targets, as these systems provide a flexible and reliable way to store renewable energy.

As the independent distribution network operator (IDNO) for the Blandford Road project, we’ve been appointed to adopt the electricity network that connects the battery storage site to the regional network.

The challenge

For the site to effectively help balance the electricity demand and supply within the local area, we needed to minimise the space taken up by our electricity infrastructure and free up as much space as possible for the battery racks.

Our solution

Our flexible and creative approach to design allowed us to reduce the footprint of our primary substation and associated equipment, making room for the site’s four 33kV battery storage invertors.



Noriker Power (Developer) and Equinor (Owner)

Key facts

The Blandford Road battery storage site hosts:
  • Four large modules of transformer and inverters with an import/export capacity of 25MW
  • Hundreds of battery units and AC chargers charging these batteries
As the IDNO, we’re adopting, operating and maintaining: 
  • 33kV intake substation
  • 33kV circuit breaker and protection unit
  • Intelligent and remote telemetry control system


Site energised