Meet the team: Operations Director Luay Elia

Luay smiling at the camera.

In the next instalment of our ‘Meet the team’ series, we’re introducing you to our Head of Networks Luay Elia.

Luay is our Head of IGT and IDNO Networks and he leads all our activity related to managing our gas and electricity distribution networks.

Right from approving designs of new network connections, through to build completion and post-energisation adoption, faults and maintenance, Luay ensures the design and build of the networks are fit for purpose and meet our asset adoption standards.

When did you join mua Group, Luay?

I’ve been with mua for around 16 months now and the company hasn’t stopped growing in that time. It’s very exciting to watch our network connection numbers grow day after day, as well as welcome so many new starters to our ever-expanding team.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the challenge and fast pace of growing, educating and mentoring my team. It’s a pleasure to watch every single one of them learn and develop as we grow together as a business.

My role covers all network departments, managing multiple critical functions at the same time. One of the great challenges and complex aspects is looking after all connections and our end-to-end service to all customers, making sure that gas and electricity supplies are steady, healthy and secure at all times.

What’s it like working at mua?

Everyone at mua works closely together and we’ve built a really strong team. This carries through to our relationships with stakeholders, investors and customers.  

We pride ourselves in developing long-term, trusted relationships, which allows us to provide a high-quality service.

As well as having a fulfilling and rewarding job, I’m able to balance my work life with enjoying a long list of hobbies including spending time with family and friends, charity cycling events, supporting animal trusts, playing tennis, football, travelling, camping and cooking – the list is endless!

How is mua different to other IDNOs and IGTs?

We’re unique in that we try to be flexible, helpful and supportive of our clients. We have the expertise and the willingness to be creative for our customers when it comes to engineering solutions for large-scale developments, primary substations, battery storage, renewable energy, EV charging and major gas high pressure infrastructure.

Our clients can benefit from our knowledge as utility industry experts, as well as our close partnerships with service providers in the energy sector and major infrastructure developments.

What’s the future got in store for you and for mua? 

Working at mua has been a great challenge. I’m looking forward to growing the team further as our success continues. I hope to progress to director level in the years to come and help lead our future growth.

I can easily see the business will become one of the leading multi-utility network operators and we’ll be one of the main players in our field.

One final question for you, Luay – what’s your proudest achievement?

During my career, I’ve been involved in a number of large projects across the UK. These are the type of high-profile projects where customers have to meet critical deadlines and customer expectations are over and beyond the norm. I’ve often had to step in to stabilise the project and ensure delivery of all energisation milestones in a short period of time, including connecting data centres, battery storage, residential housing, hospitals, schools and care homes.

My proudest achievement of all has got to be leading on the design and build of a large-scale bespoke 132KV primary substation and major IP gas main. When I joined this project, it was running a few weeks behind target. I took to the lead to steer the ship by lining up resources, engineering solutions and utilising our design adoption knowledge to get the client’s programme back on track.

We’re a few months down the line now and we’ve made remarkable progress. I’m extremely proud of not just my own efforts but the entire mua team effort to turn this project around for our client.