Why choose an IDNO to energise your EV charge points?

Our green electricity substation sits next to a row of four EV chargers.

We’re Britain’s leading IDNO for electric vehicle charging points. We work alongside charge point operators, fleet operators, local authorities and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) to adopt electricity connections at EV charge point projects.

Whether you’re planning workplace EV charging, electrifying your fleet or constructing a large-capacity public charging hub, we can help reduce the cost of installing the electricity infrastructure to power your charge points. 

We’ll pay you to adopt your EV charging infrastructure

When it comes to arranging the electricity supply to your EV charge points, there’s two options. You can approach your local regional distribution network operator (DNO) or you can turn to an independent distribution network operator (IDNO) like us.

Both DNOs and IDNOs are regulated by Ofgem to own, operate and maintain electricity networks. While DNOs operate in specific regions across Britain, IDNOs operate nationwide.

A key difference between DNOs and IDNOs is that IDNOs will pay you to adopt the electrical infrastructure powering your EV charge points.

DNOs aren’t able to offer asset value payments to adopt your electricity infrastructure. By connecting your EV chargers to a DNO network, you’d be giving away your revenue-generating assets for free.

Reducing the upfront capital costs of your EV charge points

We offer Asset Value Payments to adopt, own and maintain the new network of electricity substations, cables and wires serving your EV charge points.

Those payments can help reduce the cost of installing your electricity infrastructure, helping make your next project viable and more profitable. 

What’s more, we offer fast-track payment schedules and upfront Asset Value Payments to improve your project cash flow and alleviate the impact of initial construction outlays.

Delivering cost-effective design solutions

Our innovative network design solutions can help make your projects more cost-effective. We offer a more flexible approach to both design and build than traditional DNOs.

We’ll work with you to deliver a design that maximises space on your site for EV chargers and minimises the space taken up by our electricity infrastructure.

Energising your EV charge points faster

We know legal processes can often slow down the energisation of new EV chargers, which is why we work with expert legal partners to speed up arranging wayleaves and easements.

Our rapid design approval processes also help reduce your construction lead times. We can approve your designs within days, while it often takes regional DNOs months to approve designs.

Sharing our EV charging infrastructure expertise

We’re powering EV charging hubs of all sizes up and down the country, from residential chargers up to fleet hubs and the UK’s largest public EV charging forecourt.

We’ll support you from design through to energisation and beyond. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process.

Whether you’re planning your next EV charging hub project or you’re just beginning to navigate how to electrify your fleet, you’re in safe hands with us.