Ofwat grants our water and wastewater licence

We’ve been appointed as a water and sewerage undertaker by Ofwat, enabling us to adopt water and wastewater networks on new developments nationwide.

After announcing our new water business last spring, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve been newly appointed as a water and sewerage undertaker by Ofwat, the economic regulator for the water and sewerage sector.

As a regulated water and sewerage company, we’re able to adopt, own and operate water and wastewater networks across Britain.

Alongside our licence, we have also secured our first variation to adopt the water and wastewater services on a new housing development in Worcestershire, located within the incumbent Severn Trent area.

We’ll be providing both drinking water and sewerage services to 329 homes on the Pearl Lane development in Astley Cross, near the town of Stourport-on-Severn. We’ll also be adopting the sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) at the site.

Once construction and vesting of the drinking water and sewerage networks are complete, we’ll be responsible for supplying the development with safe and reliable water supplies. Our responsibilities will extend to ensuring water quality standards, as well as metering and billing, once residents move into their new homes.

Construction on the site has already begun and it’s estimated that water will be available by August 2024.

Our Water Director Kristian Marsden adds: “Securing our water and wastewater licence from Ofwat is a significant milestone for us, as it marks the next stage in our journey to become a comprehensive one-stop shop for asset adoption. By offering a centralised solution for water, electricity and gas, our clients now have the convenience of dealing with a single organisation for all their adoption needs.

“The Pearl Lane site in Worcestershire is the first of many new developments across the country where we’ll be adopting water and wastewater services.”