Welcome to mua Group

Today marks a new chapter for us at mua. 

Since our formation in 2019, we’ve been known as Murphy Utility Assets – a joint venture between long-established utility industry leaders Murphy and SGN.  

We’re proud of our heritage, but the time has come for us to stand on our own two feet. We're now known as mua Group – that's pronounced "moo ahh". 

Our independent gas transporter business, previously known as Murphy Gas Networks Limited, will now be known as mua Gas Limited. Likewise, our independent distribution network operator business, formerly Murphy Power Distribution, has become mua Electricity Limited.

Our new name and refreshed brand better represent who we are now and where we’re going. 

Welcome to mua Group. 

Our innovative and joined-up thinking gets the multiple utilities at your developments connected in the smartest, fastest and greenest way possible.  

Whether you’re a housebuilder, developer or utility contractor, we’re here to make your life easier.  

We invest in life-long utility assets to connect homes and businesses to essential utility infrastructure. We adopt and own gas and electricity connections to residential, industrial and commercial developments, as well as electric vehicle charging hubs and forecourts. We make connections a simple and seamless experience, adding value every step of the way.  

Our vision is to be your first-choice multi-utility network operator. 

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