Do you have enquiries or concerns regarding your bills, water quality, low pressure, or any other operational issues that require our attention?


We’re a regulated water and wastewater company.

We adopt, own and operate water and wastewater networks across Britain.

We operate under Ofwat’s New Appointments and Variations (NAV) process, providing water and wastewater services to homes and businesses in new developments nationwide.  

As a multi-utility network operator, we also adopt, manage and maintain gas and electricity networks too.

We believe in doing things differently

We want to make our clients lives as easy as possible when it comes to adopting and managing water assets. We believe you should be able to get an asset value quote for your water project within minutes, not days.

We strive to be flexible and adaptable, so we can best meet the needs of your unique water infrastructure projects.

You’ll always have a dedicated point of contact within our expert team to support you during the design, installation and adoption of your water networks.  


Who can we help?

We help housebuilders, landowners, self-lay providers (SLPs), independent connection providers (ICPs), utility infrastructure providers (UIPs) and utility consultants.

We can adopt, operate and maintain clean water networks, wastewater networks and sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) on your residential, commercial and industrial developments.  

How we're different to traditional regional water companies

As a NAV, we offer:

  • Technical flexibility

  • Financial incentive

  • One-to-one customer service




Want to know more about how we can adopt and operate the water networks on your development?