Connecting our latest battery storage system project

We’ve energised our latest battery storage site at Blandford Road in Poole. The 25MW site in Dorset is helping to balance local electricity network demand and increase energy security.

Aerial view of the Blandford Road BESS site.

Powering battery storage in Poole

As an independent distribution network operator, we operate electricity infrastructure powering battery energy storage systems (BESS) and connect battery storage sites to the distribution network.

We’ve partnered with battery storage system developer Noriker Power to adopt, operate and maintain the electricity network that connects its Blandford Road battery storage site to the regional network.

There are four 33kV transformers which feed 147 batteries at the site in Poole, with a total capacity of 25MW. Noriker explains that’s enough power to supply 75,000 UK homes for two hours.

Our electricity infrastructure includes a 33kV intake substation, a 33kV circuit breaker and protection unit, and our intelligent and remote telemetry control system.

With construction finished in late 2023, the Blandford Road battery storage site is the latest of our BESS sites to go live.

Maximising site space for battery storage

As with all construction projects, space is at a premium. We wanted to help Noriker Power maximise the space for battery racks, so we needed to make sure our electrical infrastructure took up as little space as possible. 

By being creative and flexible with our network design, we were able to minimise the footprint of our primary substation and associated electrical equipment. 

Balancing local electricity network demand

Battery energy storage systems typically charge overnight when demand on the electricity network is lower. 

When demand is high, the stored energy can be released back to the grid, helping to balance the network and increase energy security. Storing electricity in batteries can also prevent energy from being wasted when demand is low.

These systems provide essential grid stabilisation and frequency services to maintain a healthy energy grid.

Battery energy storage systems will play an essential role in helping the UK meet its net zero targets, as these systems provide a flexible and reliable way to store renewable energy. 

Supporting BESS projects nationwide

While our Blandford Road site went live in 2023, we have a further 250MVA of BESS site capacity on track to go live over the next two years. We’re actively investing in electricity connections to battery storage sites up and down the country, offering asset value contributions to offset the cost of constructing the electricity network on the site.

Our mua team has extensive experience in energising BESS projects of all sizes. As well as delivering our own battery storage projects, our industry experts have supported numerous other landmark utility projects from fleet EV charging hubs to data centres, health centres and hospitals.

If you’re planning a battery energy storage system project and want to learn more about how our asset values could reduce your construction costs, contact us to find out more.