Committed to a seamless connections experience: Business Development Lead Ben Croxford

We want to make connections a simple and seamless experience, adding expertise and value every step of the way.

Our Business Development and Strategy Lead Ben Croxford reveals how we’re making that vision a reality for all of our clients including our ICP, UIP and developer partners.

Making connections seamless

Here at mua, we invest in long-life utility assets to connect homes and businesses to essential utility infrastructure.

Like traditional DNOs and GDNs, we’re licenced by the energy regulator Ofgem to own and operate gas and electricity networks. But as an independent multi-utility network operator, we do things differently.

When it comes to connections, we can get your projects connected in the smartest, fastest and greenest way possible.

We do that by being agile, flexible and forward-thinking.

Whether you need expertise on design or flexibility on specification of equipment to deliver complex and schemes with a tight footprint, we’re here to help.

For example, thanks to our flexibility, a project that was in danger of overrunning by 16 weeks due to delays in equipment was completed four weeks ahead of time. And it was completed under budget.  

We see ourselves as extended member of our client's team. We’re there when you need us, and we’ll ensure your project is completed efficiently and to a high standard. We’ll think outside the box and work in partnership with you to get your site energised as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Targeting our clients’ pain points

To reach our goals, we need to help our clients reach theirs. We can only do that if we understand what you want to achieve and how best we can help you get there.

Understanding our clients’ pain points is key to that. From asset value quotes at your fingertips to streamlined design processes and fast-tracked legals, we’ve shaped our business around combating the pain points you typically experience from DNOs, GDNs and even other IDNOs.

We’ve built our business on connected thinking, considering the big picture across multi-utilities to improve how quickly, efficiently and innovatively your new developments are energised.

This ethos of going above and beyond for our clients is engrained in everything we do. In fact, always delivering and exceeding expectations is one of our company values.

Your dedicated point of contact

No one wants to feel like they don’t matter. We know how frustrating it is when you contact any organisation regularly, only to be passed from pillar to post and never speak to the same person twice. Or, even worse, not be able to get through to anyone at all.

That’s not how we operate.

As soon as you come on board, you’ll meet with every senior member of our team. We’ll introduce you to your key contacts for every step of your connection journey. Whether it’s a design question, a legal issue or just a day-to-day enquiry, you’ll know exactly where to turn for the help and support you need.

We’re your trusted connections partner every step of the way.

Expanding our team

We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with all our clients and a level of service that you can rely on. As our business grows, that’s not something we’re prepared to let slip.

That’s why we’re adding two new faces to the team. Later this month, we'll have two new Business Development Coordinators joining us. They will continue to deliver a stand-out service to our clients, ensuring we continue to help your business thrive and grow.

Culture is key critical to high performance and as we expand, we want to sustain every aspect that has made us successful to date. This means continuing to respond and adapt to our customers’ needs now and in the future.

I’m genuinely excited by the two new team members starting their career at mua and cannot wait to see them thrive in their new role.

We’ll be introducing them both over on our LinkedIn page once they start, so look out for the good news in the next few weeks.